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Robin Shepherd, CPDT-KA
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Dexter and hannah


When I had my first dog Frankie I though I knew a lot about dogs.   I was wrong. He was so easy and I had no idea!

Dexter and Hannah came along to show me how much dogs can be misunderstood.  They both have BIG feelings about the world around them and the humans just don’t get it! 

These “crazy” dogs spurred me to take action to learn more.  I took a deep dive into canine behavior and training.  I also got a job in the behavior department at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Since then, I have seen all ranges of dogs and behavior from happy go lucky to scared/shut down dogs.  Almost every day the dogs (and other animals) living there teach me something new.

I teach group classes (basic, reactive dog, Rally) and offer private training and behavior consultations for pet dogs.  My focus lately has been cooperative care.  I want dogs to be more comfortable with daily care (grooming, nail trims, etc) and vet visits.  I want people to recognize when their dog is struggling and give them space.

In my spare time I love to go hiking and running with Dexter.  He’s my trail dog.  This year I went to Iceland and did the 5VH Trail run.  I wish Dexter could have been there (although I doubt he would have enjoyed the sheep) 




Certified Profesional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA

Fear Free Certified, Fear Free Pets 

Certified Pro Dog Trainer, Absolute Dogs



BA Speech Communication, University of Maryland

Animal Behavior Consulting and Practice Course – IAABC

Canine Behavior and Training Academy, Behavior Modification Academy – Peaceable Paws (Pat Miller)

Enrichment Master Class, Mentorship Program – Pet Harmony (Allie Bender and Emily Strong)

Aggression in Dogs Dog Master Class – Aggressive Dog (Michael Shikashio)



International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)

Animal Positive Coalition

In-home Training

Virtual Training