We offer a variety of services including: Private Training, group classes, and house sitting.


Teaching Your dog

Private Training

Private IN-Home Training

Private lessons can be catered to you and your dogs needs. We can work on basic foundations skills or more specific behavioral issues.

$160     Single Session/Consultation (60-90 min)
$405   Consultation plus two 60 min follow-up sessions  
$630    Consultation plus four 60 min follow-up sessions

Private Virtual Training

The perfect option for those who are far away or want to consult over the computer.

$140     Single Session/Consultation (60-90 min)
$320     Consultation plus two 60 minute follow-up sessions
$525     Consulation plus four 60 minue follow-up sessions

Mini Consult

Not sure what type of training/package you need? Schedule a Mini Consult. During this fifteen minute call or Zoom session we will briefly talk about your goals and figure out what is best for you and your dog. (The $25 fee will be deducted from your first follow up session.)

$25     Fifteen minute phone or Zoom call

Teaching Your dog

Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

A beginner class for puppies.  Your puppy will learn learn basic skills and practice training exercises while working around other pups. Each class will also have designated time for puppy play!  For puppies 8 to 18 weeks.  All group classes are taught at Your Dog’s Friend in Rockville.  Next class will start Sunday, May 19th @9:30.

Rally (Novice & Intermediate)

Rally is an interactive way of both training and playing with your pup at the same time! You’ll follow signs and practice important behaviors in a fun way with increasing distractions. We’ll be using AKC Rally signs, treats, and praise.  To take this class your dog should know sit, down, touch, and loose leash walking (it doesn’t have to be perfect!).  Upcoming classes: 

    • April 26th @10:45 AM

Reactive Dog

Does your dog lunge, bark, growl, or overreact to dogs, people, or other things in the environment?  In this class you will learn the skills to handle your dog in stressful situations as well as teach your dog the what to do when they are stressed.  Next class:  TBA

Puppy Party

Here’s a class where your puppy can play with other compatible puppies while an instructor supervises. Watching the puppies, you will learn about play styles, appropriate play, and dog body language.  Class is one 45 minute session. Meets every Friday  @12:00 PM.

Out & About

This class will take what you learned in previous training classes out into the real world. The first class will be a brief review of the skills you’ll need outside. In each subsequent class, you will walk your dog in outdoor settings with increasing distractions. You and your dog must have already worked on loose-leash walking.  The next class starts on April 15 @1:00 PM

Basic manners

Working as a team, you will help your dog learn basic skills and practice training exercises while working around other dogs. For dogs 6-months old and older.  All group classes are taught at Your Dog’s Friend in Rockville.  No classes right now

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